Oh I want that so badly it hurts </3

Oh I want that so badly it hurts </3

This is too much for me. 

This is too much for me. 

fave THG cast moments of 2012

  Jennifer & Josh behind the scenes. 

“I put it (a dummy) in Jennifer Lawrence’s trailer, her bathroom, so she went to go to the bathroom and she had to pee, ‘cause you do when you have to go to the bathroom, and she opens the door and sees this dummy and screams and apparently peed her pants. Like, literally, laughed so hard, she peed. So I was very proud of myself, that I was able to pull off a prank like that.” - Josh


Emma Watson on the Canal and TV Stage at the 66th Cannes Film Festival (May 17th, 2013)

I love how Emma is always so simple and manages to look so beautiful, without tons of make up, perfect hairstyles or clothes that show too much of her body. She’s amazing <3 



I REALLY REALLY hated that they did this in the movies! 
This isn’t how it happened and it makes the Mockingjay a lot less meaningful.

Having no idea what the fuck you’re doing on tumblr
Me :P

Jennifer with Darren Criss :3 I love this so much! 

Chris Colfer&#8217;s eyes. Need I say more? &lt;3 

Chris Colfer’s eyes. Need I say more? <3 

This describes my life.

This describes my life.